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Strong relationships are the foundation of successful business. And a meaningful life.

Dr. Philipp Höttler M.A. LL.M. 
Mediator and Attorney (Rechtsanwalt)


My Philosophy

I empower people to build and maintain
strong personal and professional relationships.

In over 16 years of working as attorney, inhouse counsel, business manager, and mediator I have learned that trust and recognition are at the heart of every personal and professional relationship.

This forms the basis of my approach to contract negotiation, conflict resolution and legal advice. My methods are first and foremost collaborative and integrative, not adversarial. I am convinced that only with a mutual understanding and appreciation of each other's interests, values, and missions, can you build and preserve a healthy, sustainable, and successful partnership. If you can prioritise this above all else during a negotiation process, any problems and conflicts along the way can be resolved much more easily. Even in the most challenging of situations.


I advise my professional clients on all aspects of their operational business, with a particular focus on contract drafting, negotiation and conflict resolution. Based on my philosophy, the methods and tools I apply in these areas help my clients to build and maintain strong relationships, both internally, e.g., among founders, shareholders or within teams, and with external partners, e.g., customers and suppliers. I also work with private individuals. While my law and mediation firm is based in Munich and Berlin, my services are available throughout Europe and online.

Contracts and other Negotiations


Contracts should be concise and comprehensive and as smart and collaborative as possible. My approach to (contract) negotiations is rooted in the Harvard Principles of Negotiation.


Depending on the nature of the business relationship, I recommend my clients to follow the Conscious Contracts® Process for creating more relational, sustainable and values-based agreements. It builds on best practices of modern contracts like plain language and design thinking, and is influenced by conscious business practices.

I act as party representative and deal-mediator. I also coach clients in preparation or during negotiations.

I have drafted and negotiated hundreds of national and international commercial B2B-agreements. I also support individuals in private negotiations, e.g., family matters.


Representative projects include:

  • Partnership agreement to start a law firm (Conscious Contracts® Process)

  • Framework agreement for the manufacturing and sale of batteries

  • Supply agreement for the use of B2B-products

  • End user license agreement for the use of a process for a gas treatment plant

  • General construction agreement for a production site

  • General terms and conditions (for a wide range of services)

  • Coaching in inheritance negotiations

As a mediator I take a facilitative approach. This means I facilitate the negotiations and assist the parties in reaching their own voluntary solution, rather than making recommendations or imposing a decision. I hold joint sessions with all parties present so that the parties can hear each other’s points of view. But I also hold private sessions, where parties can disclose any thoughts or concerns that they are not yet ready to share with the other side. 


Depending on the context and my mandate, I take a transformative approach. This approach aims to transform the parties and their relationship past the conflict and back to a strong and collaborative relationship. Through this process, the parties get a deeper understanding of each other's needs. They learn to recognise those needs and acquire the skills to make constructive change.

I mediate conflicts both between and within companies, e.g. between founders, shareholders or team members. I also mediate conflicts between private individuals.


I also offer conflict coaching, both in a professional and private context.


I have conducted numerous mediations, in person, online and hybrid format. Representative mediation matters include:

  • Shareholder conflict about the distribution of profits/ payment of income​

  • Shareholder conflict about power imbalance and communication processes

  • Conflict between a leader and a member of a team about work arrangements and communication processes

  • Startup founder conflict about tasks, responsibilities and the future of the company

  • Coaching of a founder in a shareholder conflict of a family company

  • Conflict between team members in a hospital about communication processes


Testimonial: Mediation

"Die Mediation mit Philipp war sehr strukturiert und klar. Die Gespräche mit ihm waren sehr entspannt, und es gab immer Zeit, alles Wichtige - auch auf der persönlichen Ebene - zu sagen. In jedem Gespräch haben wir Aufgaben definiert, die bis zum nächsten Termin zu erledigen waren. Dies hat uns geholfen, auf der Sachebene weiterzukommen. Ohne Philipp als Mediator wäre das schwierig, wenn nicht unmöglich gewesen. Insgesamt hat Philipp eine schwierige Zeit sehr konstruktiv und positiv gestaltet.” 

—  Till Carlos Bielefeld

 Founder and Managing Director, et al.



My law and mediation firm is based in Munich and Berlin, however, I offer my services throughout Europe and online.

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